Oct 13 2014

Akismet WordPress plugin setup instructions

People often run into roadblocks while getting their WordPress website set up. WordPr...

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Akismet WordPress plugin setup instructions

no more spamPeople often run into roadblocks while getting their WordPress website set up. WordPress is meant to make things easier for website owners, but let’s be honest, there is a no-jokes-learning-curve involved with learning and using WordPress. Our WordPress Tips blog posts are designed to help you get through the basics.

The Akismet plugin for WordPress is a pretty useful plugin that automatically sifts and deletes spam comments for you. But how to set it up?…

How to set up Akismet WordPress plugin

1. Choose your plan. Check out Akismet’s various plans here. Click ‘Sign up’ to create your account.

2. Grab your API key. They are always changing their signup methods, but your API key should be emailed to you. Also, upon successful signup you should be taken to a landing page with your API key. If all else fails, log in to your Akismet account and under Account Overview it will show your API key in *******. Click ‘Show’ and copy the code.

3. Enter your API key into WordPress. Log in to your WordPress site. You may have to search around for the account settings (again, because they keep changing things), but as of the writing of this article you go to ‘Settings > Akismet’.

akismet wordpress

Paste your API key and click ‘Save changes’

akistmet api key

That’s it! Choose your other preferences and watch as Akismet starts filtering away unwanted spam. Akismet is NOT foolproof. Keep an eye on it from time to time. It lets occasional spam through, and sometimes filters out legitimate comments, but for the most part it makes your job easier.

Happy blogging!

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